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VA, charity send veteran to the streets after attempts to blow the whistle on veteran’s shelter

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Veterans are required to perform “service hours.” In court documents, lawyers for ABCCM have called the service hours voluntary but Armento disputes that characterization.

There is nothing in the VA’s manual on the Gran Per Diem program that says a charity participating in the program should require veterans to perform service hours as a condition of receiving room and board.

A court filing on behalf of ABCCM in response to Armento’s lawsuit characterizes the service hour requirement as “voluntary” service, even though the same filing acknowledges a document from the VRQ that clearly states service hours are mandatory for staying at the facility.

Armento didn’t get help from calling Tillis’ office or the VA but he did get an eviction notice from ABCCM.

The 62-year-old veteran has been told that he must vacate the VRQ by Tuesday, September 5, 2017.

Armento said staff at the facility began to retaliate against him soon after his attempts to blow the whistle on their practice of requiring service hours.

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Mr Armento reported the charity for mandatory work requirements, work at the facility is suppose to be voluntary but it appears they were holding it over this veterans head. Comply or leave and so he reported it and now they have told the Mr Amento, 62 to vacated by Sep 5 2017.



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