VA Doctor sentenced for 20 years for malpractice

Fayetteville Doctor Sentenced To 20 Years In Federal Prison For Mail Fraud And Involuntary Manslaughter | USAO-WDAR | Department of Justi

This is one of many posts I wrote here on this terrible situation

I think he killed 7 veterans but have not had time to check—–he also caused harm to some veterans who are sill alive ( I hope)

One of them ( we radio show members believe that our great radio technician for many years ( Mike “STretch” Sasser) ,was one of them.

His widow did meet with a lawyer who I had contacted, to see if he had heard if this when the news first came out-and the lawyer, with many other lawyers,were at the Town Hall meetings when the VA had to reveal what had happened. 

I know Mike’s widow spoke to the lawyer and might have filed FTCA, but I heard she chose not to-or maybe she didn’t want anyone to know she did file FTCA.

People come out of the woodwork when they hear a widow has a lawsuit against the VA.