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A VA ER visit enlightened me to what the VA was at one time.

Tbird's Thoughts

A few years ago my tooth got infected on the weekend so I went to the VA ER for some relief. A nurse took care of me, she was so kind and compassionate and knowledgeable. She spoke fondly of a time when the VA had dentists available on the weekends and facilities were better staffed. It made me sad to see her so wistful of the VA she remembered where veterans were taken care of and cared for. She said she was close to retirement and had hoped to see more done for veterans, but feared she would be long gone before that happened, if ever.
I don’t have fond memories of the VA, but I can tell you that it is a lot better than it was in the very early 1990’s. So that tells us changes can be made, that veterans can be served by the hospitals and clinics that were set up for us. These medical facilities were part of the promise made to generations of veterans. There are always casualties in war, and there are casualties in peacetime. The number one job of the VA should be to provide timely, excellent care to veterans. Not excuses, not blame the veteran, not more red tape.
If I hear one more person tell me that VA facilities are state of the art I’m going to go through the roof.



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