VA has a new ‘wait-list’ problem – the backlog to see an outside doctor

VA News

More than 2,900 veterans are caught up in bureaucracy hell at the Shreveport VA hospital, waiting to see non-VA doctors promised under the Veterans Choice Program that was created to alleviate appointment wait-times, a whistleblower says.

It’s been three years since clinical social worker Shea Wilkes revealed a secret wait-list with 2,700 veterans, including 37 who died, languishing for appointments at Overton Brooks VA Medical Center in Shreveport, La. Now, he says he’s discovered a new kind of wait-list – the backlog of 2,900 waiting to see an outside doctor – and has written to President Trump pleading for help because “some will die.”

The fallout from his Sept. 17 letter has created a “s— storm up and down the VA,” Wilkes told Fox News. “The leaders at the hospital have been working non-stop trying to get the numbers down.”

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Veterans I’ve talked to saw this coming. More red tape, more waiting and now you may even get turned over to collections if VA doesn’t pay or your may get dropped as a patient for non-payment. What kind of CHOICE is this?

Author: Tbird


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