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The 11 whistle-blowers who spoke out against unsafe conditions at the Manchester, N.H., veterans hospital are just the tip of the iceberg.
Nursing home residents at the Bedford Veterans Affairs Medical Center can go many hours without food or languish in bed wearing only soiled sheets. The oldest buildings on the campus 25 miles north of Boston contain asbestos, exposing workers to potentially deadly fibers.
At the William Jennings Bryan Dorn VA Medical Center in South Carolina, one doctor didn’t know how to give a spinal injection, and hospital leaders misled accreditors to win approval for their pain program.
And at the Fayetteville VA Medical Center in North Carolina, operations had to be rescheduled because anesthetists didn’t give patients enough medicine to fall asleep. Some anesthetists didn’t know how to properly insert a breathing tube.
All of these alleged lapses in patient care and dangerous conditions were identified by Veterans Administration employees, who have been turning against their employer in record numbers since a patient care scandal at the Phoenix VA in 2014 led to the resignation of the agency’s top official in Washington.
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It is stories like this that prove the lie that we have state of the art care. Tragic, frightening, and nothing new.



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