VA Math: How to go from 90% to 100%?

VA Rating From 90% to 100%

I need a little help with VA math.

I’m trying to figure out what I need to get to 100%. I’m currently, I think 93%, rounded down and rated at 90%.

Will the VA go off the 93% or will they go from the 90%? So my question is, what % will I need to get in order to get to 100%.

I currently have a claim in for Cervical Spine with Radiculopathy, Dyspnea Shortness of Breath both secondary to Ankylosing Spondylitis and an increase for Eye Condition that’s currently rated 0%. So I’m doing the what if scenario…

Here is how I’m currently rated for the 90%:

  • 50% MH
  • 50% Ankylosing Spondylitis (Back)
  • 30% Scars on Head
  • 20% Right Shoulder (Bilateral)
  • 20% Left Shoulder (Bilateral)
  • 10% Right Hip (Bilateral)
  • 10% Left Hip (Bilateral)
  • 10% Tinnitus
  • 0% Acne
  • 0% Eye Condition

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Further Reading:

If VA finds that a Veteran has multiple disabilities, VA uses the Combined Rating Table below to calculate a combined disability rating. Disability ratings are not additive, meaning that if a Veteran has one disability rated 60% and a second disability 20%, the combined rating is not 80%. This is because subsequent disability ratings are applied to an already disabled Veteran, so the 20% disability is applied to a Veteran who is already 60% disabled. Calculate Your VA Rating: Disability Calculator

VA Disability Ratings CalculatorIf you have multiple service-connected conditions — VA will combine them using a process called VA Math. 

Here’s how it works:

VA starts with the premise that every veteran is 100 percent efficient or not disabled. 

So, if a veteran has a disability rating of 20 percent:

VA sees them as 80 percent non-disabled and 20 percent disabled. 

To include another disability rating of 10 percent, VA will take 10 percent of the 80 percent non-disabled portion and add it to the existing 20 percent rating. 

This brings the veteran’s total disability rating to 28 percent, which will be rounded to 30 percent.

This process continues with each disability rating the veteran has.

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