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The mission of the Office of General Counsel (OGC) is to identify and meet the legal needs of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Its primary objective is to ensure the just and faithful execution of the laws, regulations and policies that the Secretary has responsibility for administering, and by so doing enable the Department to accomplish its mission of service to our Nation’s veterans. 


VAOGCPREC 1-2014 (3/21/2014)  Provision of Primary Care for Residents in State Home Domiciliaries  Author: Raun, E.

VAOGCPREC 2-2014 (5/19/14) Applicability of the Veterans Claims Assistance Act of 2000 to Decisions Concerning Benefits Administered by the National Cemetery Administration  Author: Warren, T.

VAOGCPREC 3-2014 (6/20/14) Effective Dates of Awards Based on Same-Sex Marriage  Author: Shriber, C.

VAOGCPREC 4-2014 (6/20/14) Reliance on State Law to Determine Validity of Same-Sex Marriage Author: Shriber, C.

VAOGCPREC 5-2014 (8/12/14) Duty to Assist in Seeking Records pertaining to an Individual other than the Claimant    Author: Barrans, D.

VAOGCPREC 6-2014 (11/21/2014) Notice Required by 38 USC § 513(a)(1) upon Receipt of a New and Material Evidence Claim  Author: Adelman, M.


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