VA Office of General Counsel 2014

VA Disability

VAOGCPREC 1-2014 (3/21/2014)  Provision of Primary Care for Residents in State Home Domiciliaries  Author: Raun, E.
VAOGCPREC 2-2014 (5/19/14) Applicability of the Veterans Claims Assistance Act of 2000 to Decisions Concerning Benefits Administered by the National Cemetery Administration  Author: Warren, T.
VAOGCPREC 3-2014 (6/20/14) Effective Dates of Awards Based on Same-Sex Marriage  Author: Shriber, C.
VAOGCPREC 4-2014 (6/20/14) Reliance on State Law to Determine Validity of Same-Sex Marriage Author: Shriber, C.
VAOGCPREC 5-2014 (8/12/14) Duty to Assist in Seeking Records pertaining to an Individual other than the Claimant    Author: Barrans, D.
VAOGCPREC 6-2014 (11/21/2014) Notice Required by 38 USC § 513(a)(1) upon Receipt of a New and Material Evidence Claim  Author: Adelman, M.

Author: Tbird


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