VA Parking Lot Suicides – Perhaps Another at Phoenix VA

VA News

A self inflicted gunshot wound took our brother on Friday morning. Like too many before him he choose the parking lot at  his VA, his choice was the Carl T. Hayden Veterans Affairs Medical Center. Another in what it is turning into a telling trend veterans ending their life in the parking lots of VA facilities. Ben Krause wrote a piece on this in March, you can read it here Parking Lot Suicides: Veterans Found Dead In Veterans Affairs Parking Lots he points to fact that the VA has every reason to cover these up and the fact that a few have made it into the public view may point to a larger problem
Brothers and sisters – Please take the time to share your pain with someone, a friend, a therapist, a doctor, a pastor, the crisis line, reach out, you are worth it, you are wounded and you can’t be your own medic call for help.




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