VA Plays Big Part in Opioid Crisis and It’s Killing Veterans.

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“I don’t know about you, but I have heard a lot of stories from veterans being cutoff their pain medication with little if any concern for their safety cutoff cold turkey with no warning  from their doctors.  
Keep in min that it is the VA, that got the veterans hooked in the first place. Purdue Pharma gave $$$ to VA pain management team and turned them into the Purdue Pharma’s shills selling the BS that “opiates rarely cause addiction” .
Take for example the case Robert Rose a proud Marine, confined to a wheelchair with injuries from his service. Before they removed him from his pain meds he didn’t need a wheelchair. 
Nothing but the best for our veterans is a phrase we’ve all heard uttered every time a microphone and camera get near a lawmaker. I leave you with the following quote from the article and the question is this the best we can do for our veterans?

The primary care doctor at the Mountain Home, Tennessee, VA Medical Center told a hobbled, diabetic Rose and his wife during an office visit in May, “You should continue smoking, as it will help you with the stress and frustrations you are dealing with now. And you should continue to drink Mountain Dew, as the sugar molecules will attach to the pain receptors and block the pain you are experiencing without pain medications.”


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