VA Regional Office Aduit? For EED

@ Ms Berta

Ms Berta

What all is involved if I was to send in a claim for them to Audit  my claim/claims  back to 2002/2003 For a better EED?    THIS WOULD BE TO ASK THEM TO GO BACK TO THE DATE I FIRST APPLED FOR IU which should be around 2000/2001.

OR use the date I had to stop working  which was 1999…..but I know I will need a Qualified Dr to read my records and give me an examination (IMO)  To state it is likely as not this veteran  I could no longer work due to my service connected disability back in the year 1999.

  It’s not that much time as for as any retro  maybe some retro  but for me  it would bring my EED up to the 20 year mark.

I don’t have the Documents I need,,…example  when I applied For IU and was denied  I only have the first page of the 21  -6840    I can’t find the second pages to it in my C-file?  It seems to be missing from my C-file.  it should have a later date on it  and beings the date is on the second page of this form  I NEED THAT PAGE…would the VA be honest and produce it  if they have it in the VBMS?  

Also is this the only thing they look at  and not go into other things in my C-file that has been adjugated and service connected.

I last recieved my C-FILE in 2015…should I request it again?

or in your opinion should I just get an Experienced Attorney or VA Accredited claims agent to work this for me?

Thank You in Advance.