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Hi everyone! I have been going to the VA doc for a while now, almost a year, about my back and they told me to put in a claim for my back. So I did. So I am now in the Prep for Decision phase. Here are my questions:

Why haven’t I had a C/P exam. I thought that was standard?

WHat does this mean:

    Request 2, Due date: Not Available Status: No longer Needed, VSR Review.

What is a VSR Review. I have tried Googling, and looking at other forum posts and I am just confused. What was it that they think they dont need.

I am just very nervous bc my doc told me to put in the claim but they haven’t done a C/P exam. I also submitted the claim in July 15. So if I am already in prep for decision, it is going really fast. Smells like a denial. Any advice would be much appreciated.


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