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Hello, I have been persuing a VA claim for over a year now in regards to Acid Reflex/GERD. I was medically retired from the Marine Corps for Asthma (30%). When I filled this claim, I was trying to Service connect Acid reflex/GERD to ASthma medications. I had a my private NP-C write a letter and added some information that shows connection between my meds and Acid Reflex. I then saw a VA P.A. for an examination. She wrote against me and the VA followed up with a second opinion from a DR at the VA. When I received this decision, I filed a supplemental claim. I had my private NP-C write a stronger letter with more substance to back up my claim. I also had my Asthma specialist DR write a quick note stating my inhaler “may” cause Acid reflex symptoms (I tried to get a substantial letter but he refused). I also typed a letter stating that I do not know (this is why I did a supplemental) if the asthma meds were the only thing causing my acid reflex/GERD. I stated that I also use Lorazepam for PTSD (service connected), I take Acid reflex medication prescribed from the VA, and I have been taking NSAIDS long term for service connected Cervical neck strain/Migraines. I also stated these symptoms manifested during my Sea service deployment to the gulf of Aden. At that time, I was prescribed Advair for asthma and still deployed. I basically connlcuded with, I believe it may be a combination of these medications that have contributed to AcidReflex/GERD.

So, for the second part. I was ordered to see (I spoke on the phone due to COVID-19) with a DR. from Veteran Examination Services. The DR. asked me some straight forward questions then after 5-10 minutes said “I think I heard enough, I have reviewed your letter and I have all the info I need” (he seemed very nice and attentive). Two weeks later, I call the VA and they say that they received the examination notes but my claim was sent back to gathering info because they are going to ask another DR due make an opinion. This happened last time, so I am a bit worried they are trying to find a way of denying me again…Anyone have experience with something like this? Thank you!


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