VA Secretary McDonald: Aging vets straining the system

VA Disability

VA Secretary Robert McDonald says the nation’s VA health care crisis could resurface as veterans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan grow older.

Source: VA Secretary McDonald: Aging vets straining the system
This is kind of a no brainer veterans like everyone else get older, well some of us do. As we get older we have all the same complications, illnesses and disorders that other senior citizens have. Some of those are service connected disabilities that age exacerbates.
It’s not rocket science if you send folks to war you are going to have disabled veterans and they will stay disabled for decades to come. So when funding time comes around you have to fund and train raters years ahead of time, you have to hire more docs and nurses, and prepare for the aging population of your customers. VA has the demographics, the Iraq and Afghanistan veterans of today will be the Vietnam veterans of the future and please God let us not be having this same conversation then.



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