VA status changed from TDIU P&T to Schedular P&T

VA Disability

I was awarded 100% TDIU P&T effective in 2011, I had a few other claims being processed. About two years ago, I was awarded a new 50% rating and the VA appears to have moved me to 100% schedular P&T. No future exams. I have a few questions. Does VA moving me to 100% schedular eliminate my TDIU status in the VA eyes? The reason I’m asking is I was thinking about getting a part time job to keep busy and pay into SS to complete my 40 quarters. It was my understanding that if you were TDIU you can not be employed. But, since the VA changed my status to 100% P&T does that open the door for me to work at all?
Also, after 10 years or more being rated at 100% P&T does that provide my spouse access to DIC?



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