VARO contact info?

does anyone have any email addresses for the Roanoke VARO? i am trying a different route that broncovet suggested, by emailing my RO directly and copying the director and assistant director to review my EED per the reasons i have outlined in my NOD. since i can’t actually do a NOD from the VBA, but would need a supplemental claim that would require “New/Rev Evidence” and i don’t want to appeal to CAVC if i don’t have to.

the name of the director and assistant director are:

Director: Robert T. Reynolds

Assistant Director: William (Bill) R. Barksdale III

thoughts? i also submitted to IRIS to forward to VARO but wanted to also email them directly if possible. i have tried google and such to try and find this info but its very hidden. i found a list but it looks to be outdated.


thanks for any help you can give.