VARO's are called VSC (Veterans Service Centers)

I thought this was Interesting,

”Welcome to the New Year.”

”It’s apparent we have a new metric afoot in the Veterans Service Centers across our fruited plains. Right. VAROs are now called VSCs and have been for a while. The boss of the “service” center is called the VSCM (manager). The Assistant manager is- you guessed it- the AVSCM. They run the Ratings show. There’s still a Director in the Senior Executive Service (SES) sector for each VSC except for North and South Dakota. He handles the PR. Used to be, and maybe still be, that if you called the Montana RO, they picked up in Salt Lick City. Ditto for Fargo, Cheyenne and Sioux Falls.  They probably don’t have telephone lines out that far yet and rely on green firewood and wet blankets. Or Pony Express.”

”We no longer have raters. Public relations experts have determined America does better with terms like “associate” or “team member”. Hence the days of the old Decision Review Officers (DROs) are dwindling. They’re segueing into Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Ratings Quality Control Veterans Service Representatives and more. I appreciate they’ve given us agents and attorneys Change Management Agents (CMAs). Too bad we can’t get them to change anything. As for managing, they do manage to get it in front of the right Denial Coach”

Source:  ”Asknod.Org”