Beware of VA Bearing Gifts – VA’s Shulkin calls for new, strategic approach to veterans benefits programs

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“Today … I call for a new way of thinking about benefits, I want to see an ongoing dialogue with stakeholders about rationalizing veterans benefits — a veterans benefit advisory board that can bring clarity to what we’re trying to do for veterans and what’s best and how we can do that in the best way.” – Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin Monday 11/06/2017 National Press Club.

Beware the VA bearing gifts, the talk will be about “enabling independence” which could be read as a longer period of time before you would be eligible to be rated permanent.
Focus on “service-connected” disabilities so that they won’t have to pay for age related issues, not sure anyone is getting compensation for age related diseases unrelated to their service connected disability, but VA secretary says there are, heres the quote:
We have to emphasize service-connection for disabilities so we aren’t compensating veterans for age-related issues. – Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin Monday 11/06/2017 National Press Club.
The Veterans Affairs Secretary says this is not about taking away benefits, and then later laments the costs of compensation, concurrent recent from DOD and SSDI.
Before 2004, military veterans couldn’t receive Defense Department retirement benefits and VA disability compensation at the same time. But by 2013, 59,000 DoD retirees received concurrent benefits, along with Social Security, which totaled more than $3.5 billion, Shulkin said.
Some of you may remember earlier this year when Veterans Affairs Secretary Shulkin equated Unemployability with “unemployment insurance” VA unemployability is based on the inability of the veteran to hold substantial gainful employment, “unemployment insurance” is for workers who can work but can’t find work. So I think that gives us an insight into his thinking about compensation benefits.
Here’s my bottom line on this – In my opinion this is more about cutting costs and less about improving veterans lives. I hope I am wrong.
One least thing to remember, Secretary Shulkin is not a veteran…



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