Is there a number or email (preferably) for VES, QTC, or LHI.

The issue involves C&P exams performed by the contractors, but exams hasn’t been forwarded by the company.

Veteran had a C&P exam with VES on 1/12/21 for back condition (thoracic sprain syndrome).

He called PEGGY, however they didn’t see the uploaded exam.

VES is unvailable due to the power outages across Texas. He gets a message and extreme wait time on the phone.

I searched the issue and saw comments about exams being forwarded but not uploaded by the VA.

In addition, some members had conflicting statements about VES forwarding exam and Peggy stating the information hadn’t been received.

Are the contracting C&P examiners mandated to forward the exam in a set period of time?

Is there a email option to inquire if an exam has been completed and forwarded to the VA?