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Available at select locations, VAR makes it possible for Veterans to self-schedule primary care appointments and request assistance in booking both primary care and mental health appointments at the VA facilities where they receive care. In addition to scheduling appointments, Veterans can use VAR to track appointment details and the status of requests, send messages about requested appointments, receive notifications and cancel appointments.


PLEASE NOTE: VAR is a web app that can be bookmarked on your mobile device. Read the instructions here.


  • Self-schedule primary care appointments
  • Request dates and times for primary care and mental health appointments
  • See details for all pending, confirmed and upcoming appointments (both those requested through the app or through a VA scheduler), including date, time, clinic, care team and reason for visit
  • Send up to two messages to a VA scheduler about requested and booked appointments
  • Get email notifications about appointment updates
  • Cancel an appointment if you are unable to make it to that appointment

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I haven’t used it yet to try and make an appointment but if it works I’m all for it.



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