Veterans Affairs inspector general is reviewing David Shulkin’s Europe trip

VA News

The Department of Veterans Affairs inspector general is reviewing Secretary David Shulkin’s 10-day taxpayer-funded trip to Europe in July, during which Shulkin and his wife spent time shopping and sightseeing in Denmark and the U.K.

A spokesman for the VA’s Office of Inspector General told told CBS News on Tuesday that it is “gathering information and reviewing the recent trip.”

Details of the trip, which included visits to Westminster Abbey and Wimbledon, were first reported by The Washington Post. While the trip to Denmark and the United Kingdom was focused on veterans issues, Shulkin and his wife also devoted significant time to leisure activities paid for by U.S. government dollars.

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.cbsnews.com

It appears that cuts need to be made and we must all sacrifice, but only if you are disabled veteran. However, good news! If you’re in the administration, there’s enough money for European vacations. 



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