Veterans Day 2016

VA Disability

Veterans I thank you as a citizen for your service and your sacrifice. As a veteran I thank you for being there, for the country and for your brothers and sisters. I see and feel your continued and unbroken bond with your brothers and sisters everyday here at HadIt.com Veteran to Veteran. You deserve to be honored and I humbly offer you my heartfelt thank you.
We few, we happy few, veterans all. A call to arms was raised in 1997 to all my brothers and sisters. I called out to my brothers and sisters. Join me bring your weakness and your strength veterans.
We shall build the last outpost together where veterans fighting this new type of battle can rest, gather their thoughts, and provision up. Arms that once held the weapons of war, now hold the weapons to combat a new kind warfare. Like all warfare it is filled with conflict and struggle and it’s fought with knowledge.
Knowledge is Power, and I ask that if you find HadIt.com Veteran to Veteran helpful that you tell one other veteran. Whether you’ve realized it or not veteran you are HadIt.com, you are the community and we are growing because you are passing the word.
I continue to strive to make the site the better. Our focus is and will continue to be Veterans Claims Information, that is the meat and potato’s of the site. We can and have and will continue to provide information that empowers the veteran to work their claim effectively.
As this Veterans Day dawns we are on the eve of our 20th Veterans Day together brothers and sisters and I can’t think of better company.

Author: WPTangerine


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