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Vietnam: The War That Keeps On Killing

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Cholangiocarcinoma – a nasty little parasite from raw or undercooked fish showed up in at least 700 veterans over the past 15 years and a little less than half ever filed a claim for it. The VA rejected most of them in what was described as a haphazard way.
Veterans Affairs say they are studying it, but sadly if they were to make it presumptive by the time that happens, most of those veterans will be gone. The Vietnam veterans aren’t getting any younger and it looks like they continue to get the short end of the stick.
“A half a century after serving in Vietnam, hundreds of veterans have a new reason to believe they may be dying from a silent bullet — test results show some men may have been infected by a slow-killing parasite while fighting in the jungles of Southeast Asia.” Continue Reading at the Washington Post Veterans Affairs study shows parasite from Vietnam may be killing vets

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