‘You sent me to war. Now’s your turn to fix me.’ How a weed brand is helping veterans

Medical Cannabis

“I’d transitioned out of the military — I’m 100% disabled — and I was just having a really rough time sleeping at night,” Buckley said. “And that’s when someone was like, ‘Hey, you want to try some cannabis?’ And when I took it, [it felt like] a warm blanket hit my brain. It was kind of like my mind was finally at peace.”

“Literally, I looked at a Paul Newman salad dressing bottle [with its] 100% of profits to charity. … Why don’t we do 100% of our profits to help fund our research?” Read Full Story

“…Let’s grab the bulls by the horns and do it ourselves and prove it. I’m not going to run up the hill. I’m going to walk around it…”

Source: American Military News

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