Whistleblower asks VA secretary: Why is retaliation still allowed?

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Shulkin met with VA officials in Montana to tour the Fort Harrison facility, and later participated in a question-and-answer session. That’s where Greg Chiles, a veteran and VA police officer, asked Shulkin why retaliation against him is not being stopped.
As part of his official duties, Chiles — who had never had any previous disciplinary problems at VA — had issued a citation to a VA psychologist for driving 36 miles-per-hour in a 20-mph zone. Then, in 2014, Chiles failed a mandatory annual mental evaluation administered by that same psychologist.
Chiles told the Washington Examiner that the actions against him were a form of retaliation for enforcing the rules against a senior VA official, and for his complaint against that official for improperly accessing and altering his military record. Many of the psychologist’s actions toward Chiles were criticized in a Dec. 12, 2016 Merit Systems Protection Board hearing, but still, Chiles said the retaliation has gotten increasingly worse.

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Sec Shulkin tone deaf or in tune? Greg Chiles the whistleblower doesn’t think he got through to Sec Shulkin and I would have to agree.



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