Why is LHI Doing My VA Compensation and Pension Exam?

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Why is LHI Doing My VA C and P Exam?VA Compensation and Pension Exam Do's and Don'ts

The vast majority of veterans who file a claim for veterans disability benefits will need to attend a VA Compensation and Pension Exam. The C&P examination can be done at the VA or sometimes by a contractor like LHI.

The VA examiner will perform your exam based on VA’s criteria currently they follow the DBQ’s Disability Benefits Questionnaires.

You file a claim for disability benefits and you get the letter for your Compensation and Pension Exam and it says it’s being done by LHI. It is nothing to worry about. LHI is a contractor VA uses for exams. They have been working with the VA for over eight years as of 2022.

The Compensation and Pension Exam you receive from LHI is the same as one you would receive at the VA. They use the DBQ’s Disability Benefits Questionnaires.

Compensation and Exams are anxiety producing for many veterans, seeing a strange set of letters like LHI can make the anxiety worse. No need for excessive anxiety.

Here is a post from our Community discussing this topic, I hope you find it helpful.

LHI? Anyone had any experiences previously?

“I was contacted and sent to LHI for ratings increase on PTSD. I was of course on edge just because and then going to a unknown contractor bothered me a bit. But as I read on here they listed the doctors name and credentials which I used to investigate the doctor and liked what I found. I showed up to the appointment and expected the appointment to last at least half as long as they paperwork called for which was about an hour and a half.

Appointment time was 0800 hrs and I was back out the door and in my car by 0825. Now to the nitty gritty. It was not bad at all. The doctor had reviewed all of my stressors prior to me coming in and we did not speak of them at all not even in passing.

What I would have given to know that he had no interest the previous three days would’ve kept me from crawling the walls and being even more anxious than normal. 

Primarily it was spent doing a down and dirty DBQ where he asked about changes and I presented my notebook and letters from family and the one friend I have left. Before I knew it we were at the end and had in my opinion not really delved in deep as I had expected or experienced in my initial PTSD assessment.

I knew it would be somewhat shorter but it was short enough that I was thrown off and even told him “it is in my best interest to go into as much detail as I can with my notes” and was quickly told that it was not necessary.

This alarmed me and the whole time I was wondering in the back of my head if this wasn’t some sort of Hatchet job and now was convinced that we had a problem. But he reassured me that if I needed to go ahead and talk about the symptoms more then by all means go for it.

I know that I must’ve had the strangest look on my face maybe even the slightest bit of homicidal maniac….All I kept thinking was something is wrong….wrong wrong and more wrong. BOHICA BOHICA oh no here it comes. Its been barely 20 mins how could this be so quick? I mean we are going up for 100% from 70% quite a bump and change in status…..

He told me that for what it was worth he was approving or submitting the paper for the increase. Also said he was not sure why I did not have it already from the first C&P, but we all know why don’t we? Now I figure he could have lied and might have but I don’t see the upside really…not that its not possible….either way…

Now that don’t mean nothing and I wont believe that or anything else until I see it when I check my blue button records or a brown envelop shows up in my mailbox.

But what if….Could I finally be done fighting them and maybe get my 100%? I mean one little NOD and three years later another C&P could I be so lucky not to have to play whack a mole all the way up to DC? maybe just maybe….

When I was leaving I ran into the guy that was waiting along side me for an 8:00 appointment and he said ” this is a new one on me” I agreed, he was there after submitting a NEW PTSD claim down the FDC (fully developed claim) route 3 weeks ago…..Three weeks ago he submitted his stuff and was there same day as me doing a C&P maybe things are picking up speed finally…maybe” Read Full Thread

And then success …

Strangely it must have went well as I was checking vets and ebennies and found my appeal had been granted for an increase ptsd rating and award of TDIU as well…”

Read the full thread: LHI? Anyone had any experiences previously?



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