Wife Approved for the A&A

Just wanted to let you guys know  my wife was approved for the A&A  went into effect Dec 29 2020.


its not that much added to my monthly comp  but believe me every little bit helps.

SO if you have a disabled spouse that needs the help of another person   file the A&A  claim for her  just submit her medical records and  a Dr describe her medical conditions and why she needs the assistance of another person  and lay statment from your spouse.

she had two of her Dr ‘s to write up her a letter about her disability that render her  the help she needed and we also included some Images and MRI;s she had they used them as part of her evidence.. &..her her lay statement.

We wanted to Thank everyone that supported us and helped out with this claim   Ms Berta , J basser, Pacmanx1 , GB Army, broncovet,Alex, brokensolider  Ms T bird and others

Thank you All  & God Bless