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Hello Everyone

I know this is not the forum to add this post  and not take away from any other post,

I just wanted to thank Everyone for the well wishes and compassion and prayers, they do work,

My wife condition is finally improving, after tons of Morphine and other knock out drug’s to help control her excruciating Pain  for 10 days straight 24×7..due to a Ruptured Gallbladder  infection (GAN-GRENE and Gan-Grene II set in it also had leaked outside her gallbladder into her bloodstream  so they had to combat that with antibiotics also… and she had a hard time with it , they inserted two tubes  into the bladder one on each side  and are currently draining the infection out into bags ..its a slow process , she had the tubes in now for 8 days and could take up to another 8 days to drain ALL THE INFECTION OUT, She been in the Hospital Now 2 full weeks, the pain she had from her gallbladder caused her heart area to have pain,  so they did a heart catheter  and look around the heart , cardiologist said it looked like she had a ”light” Heart Attack but no damage was done  she does have one ariterie  stopped up 99% but the other arteries are doing ok…

So now they are needing to get that infection drained from her gallbladder  to be able to remove her gallbladder..so were hopeful for a surgery date?  but its risky surgery due to her already triple bypass heart surgery from 2005, and recent neck and back surgerys.

but this is no choice the  damaged gallbladder needs to be removed…and were awaiting a surgery date for that  until then she will remain in the hospital  ..she has not eat in like 3 weeks now  they fed her Intravenously via IV’s  and 3 different Antibiotics,   she had a rough time there for the last 2 weeks, due to other complications to many to mention here, but today she was sitting up  and was able to speak and lift her arms up a little bit  she can suck out of a straw  and she is getting broth and jello, for now, and her pain is now under control….where before she was in excruciating Pain and was awful to witness and watch her……nothing anyone could do the D’s did all they could…

So Were hopeful she will pull through this sad time in our lives.

We thank everyone here for your prayers and compassion,

I will update in about a week  and hopefully she is recovering from gallbladder surgery.

Again Thanks Everyone here on Hadit…this is our second little family.

Hope there were some claims won these last two weeks  if so a Big Congratulation to these Men and Women Veterans  and a Big Thank you to all you Hadit members.