With Obamacare Fight Lost, Conservatives Turn to Veterans’ Care – The New York Times

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As much as many of us are frustrated with Veteran Service Organizations, they have been in the fight for us for decades, they have a record of standing with veterans. Concerned Veterans of America does not.
In my opinion privatizing is not a step towards providing quality care for veterans, it’s a step towards not paying for care for veterans.

“We actually have members that guide our advocacy and our voice as opposed to a small partisan think tank of ideologues. We get our voice from our two-million-person membership base that actually use V.A. services and tell us what they are looking for.”  said Louis Celli, the national director of veterans affairs and rehabilitation for the American Legion.

Concerned Veterans for America, a little-known advocacy group backed by the conservative billionaire industrialists Charles G. and David H. Koch. Here’s a bit about the Koch Brothers
Just because they have the words concerned and veterans in the title doesn’t mean they are concerned about veterans. Personally I don’t trust them to have the best interests of veterans in mind.

With Obamacare Fight Lost, Conservatives Turn to Veterans’ Care

WASHINGTON – With their hopes of repealing the Affordable Care Act dashed for now, deep-pocketed conservative activists have turned their attention to a smaller but still potent new effort: allowing private health care to compete with Veterans Affairs hospitals for the patronage of the nation’s veterans.

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